summit APUCEN

The 3rd APUCEN Summit will bring together close to 87 members from all over the world to Penang.  Penang is famous for its unique diverse culture and had been declared as one of the UNESCO Heritage Site. Penang is also known as the Food Paradise by the locals.

The theme for the 2017 Summit is ‘Creating a Future for the People’ and there are sub-themes addressing all the current social issues.

The summit provides an ideal platform for all APUCEN members to meet, networking and forge new partnerships.  The highlight of summit is the election of APUCEN Vice President and Council Members to chart the direction and development of APUCEN for the next three years (2017-2020)


1.         To strengthen relationship towards partnership, collaboration and networking.
2.         To bring together all members to discuss the directions of APUCEN
3.         To identify projects and flagships for future collaboration
4.         To elect new Vice-President and APUCEN Council Members

1)  Meet and network with APUCEN members and relevant stakeholders [e.g. NGOs, government agencies, multinational corporation (MNC)] in the Asia Pacific Region.
2)  Forge potential network, partnership and collaboration at the international level.
3)  Stay abreast of the regional development in university-community engagement.
4)  Attend General Assembly Meeting to elect Vice President & Council Members of APUCEN.
5) Learn best practices in community engagement through forum, sharing of experiences and keynotes by renowned expert.
6)  Receive APUCEN Membership certificate.